A33 Heavy Assault Tank, Excelsior

1/76 A33

1/76 Scale Model of A33 by Milicast

The first pilot model of this vehicle was completed in 1943, and mounted a 6pdr gun on a hull based upon the A27 Cromwell hull. The suspension for this first pilot was based on the American M6 heavy tank, but the surviving second pilot model at Bovington has widened Cromwell type track with modified side skirts. The project was abandoned in 1944.

A33 Excelsior

First pilot model

A33, First Pilot Model


Second pilot model, front LH 3/4 view

A33, Second Pilot Model


A33 Front view

A33, Front view


A33, left side

Left side of A33


A33, Engine decking

Engine Decking


Driver's seat

Driver's Seat


Behind driver's seat

Area behind driver's seat


A33, under turret

A33, Area under turret ring


A33, Turret interior

A33, View looking up into turret




Crew: 5 (commander, driver, gunner, loader, co-driver)
Length: 22ft 8ins
Height: 7ft 11ins
Width: 11ft 1.5ins
Armament: Main 1x75mm OOF, Secondary: 2x7.92mm Besa MG
Armour: Max 114mm, Min 20mm
Engine: Rolls Royce Meteor V12, 600bhp
Max speed: 24mph, 12mph cross country
Ammunition stowage: 64 rounds, 75mm



Bovington 1969

A33 at Bovington 1969

Back in the days when camouflage was simple
(and probably original)
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