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AAF Tank Museum The AAF Tank Museum was founded in 1981 as a non-profit charitable organization, with a mission to educate, collect, restore, preserve, and display as varied a collection of military tank and cavalry artifacts as is possible, so that present and future generations will have a significant part of military history available for them to learn from and explore.
AFV News George Bradford's AFV Site
Achtung Panzer  
Armour Archive Trevor Larkum's World Register of Preserved Tanks and Other Armoured Vehicles
Armoured Engineer This website is intended to provide a photo reference resource primarily for military vehicle modellers and those interested in the development of specialist armoured vehicles.
Armour In Focus Chris Shillito's extensive library of AFV pictures
Army Technology Defence Industries Website: Army
Chinese Military Vehicles in the PLA  
Chris Evans Books Military bookseller, but also has general features of military interest.
Former USSR Eqpt Military equipment of the former Soviet Union

Historical War Militaria Forum


Historical War Militaria Magazine

Unusual Land Rovers A page on the Land Rover Club site dealing with military vehicles. This includes the half-track Centaur as well as Pink Panther etc.
Mike Golf's World of AFVs Try your hand at AFV identification - friend or foe?
Panzer Reich Information on the German Panzer Tanks Of WWII, Panzer I, Panzer II, Panzer III, Panzer IV, Stug, Tiger Tank, Panther Tank, Sdkfz, And Waffen SS,development history, combat service, technical data and photos.
Portrayal Press Manuals
Railway Gun and Armoured Train Web Museum  
Russian Battlefield Comprehensive information on Russian vehicles, old and new
Solent Overlord Executive Organisers of the Horndean military vehicle show.
Tankmaster A Russian military modelling site, complete with on-line drawings for a selection of vehicles
Unofficial Singapore Armed Forces Home Page  
Vickers Defence Systems Vickers home pages - contains some interesting historical stuff
KMDB Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau in the Ukraine. Amazing for a commercial site - contains extensive histories of Russian vehicle developments from the early days to the present. Lots of scale drawings and high quality pictures.
WWII AFV Portal Resource Center for World War II Armored Fighting Vehicles and
Armored Forces: tanks, self-propelled guns, tank destroyers, armored cars etc
Fortress Ring Home Site  
Maginot Line  
Subterranea Britannica  Formed in 1974, Subterranea Britannica is a society devoted the the study and investigation of man-made and man-used underground places.
Germany's WW2 Weapons Tanks, fortifications, mines, personal weapons and special forces
1. Jagdmoroner Abteilung The 1.JmA is primarily a forum of military history and related topics
Important People of WW II Succinct summary of key players - thanks to William Jackson and his after-school tutor group for the suggestion
Armortek Specialists in the provision of 1/6th scale vehicles, figures and accessories for the Modeller and War Game Enthusiast.
1/72 and 1/76 Model Tank Museum  
Accurate Armour Homesite


Ace website Ace models, Ukraine
AMPS Home Page Armor Modelling and Preservation Society, Darlington MD
Cromwell Models Cromwell Models on-line shop
Crusader Models  
Fidelis Models Manufacture resin military vehicles in HO 1/87 scale and distribute Heiser's Models, Petner Panzers, and several others.
HyperScale Magazine Virtual modelling magazine
Landships A site dedicated to the modelling of Armoured Fighting Vehicles of World War One
MAFVA The Miniature Armoured Fighting Vehicle Association Website
Military Miniatures Military Miniatures: Guide to Military Scale Modeling. An initeresting guide to military modelling on the Just Military Loans website. Thanks to Aubree and Beth for this.
Model Kit Ltd (UK) For all your online discounted scale modelling needs...
Small Scale Scene Robin Buckland's excellent modelling site. It has a most useful list of model manufacturers with contact details and links.
Tony Matteliano's Scale Model Index Lots of modelling resources
Track Link  
The Turntable A good source of Extratech kits in the UK
TWENOT Regio Zuid-West Dutch modelling site
Military Modelling Magazine  
WWI Modeler's List WWI AFV/Vehicle BBQ This site showcases the variety of AFVs and Vehicles used in World War I
WW1 Modelling Mail-list


AAF Tank Museum The museum of the American Armored Foundation in Mattituck NY
East of England Tank Museum Specialise in restoring, preserving and exhibiting historic military vehicles from all over the world
Imperial War Museum London and Duxford, UK
Kubinka Catalog and pictures of AFVs in the Museum at Kubinka, near Moscow
Parola Armour Museum, Finland. Some very rare vehicles.
REME Museum  
The Tank Museum, Bovington  
Land Forces of Britain, The Empire and Commonwealth A very comprehensive site with lots of links
Tankomania German armoured forces 1935 - 1945


 - 1925
(pre-GS 'A' number designations)

1925 - 1945 non-a numbered (named only) vehicles

General Staff 
 A-Number List 1925-1945 

Post 1945 FV Numbers

Post WW2 vehicle with no FV number

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