Armoured Fighting Vehicle Models

1/76 and 1/72 Scales

Valentine Archer, scratchbuilt, 1/76 Scale

For more detailed models, many people prefer to use 1/35 scale, but always enjoying a challenge, I usually work in 1/76 scale. Not to be outdone, I have now started to investigate the possibilities of including interior detail.

Here are a few of my models, all to 1/76 scale, not all with interior detail.

PzKw E100

PzKw E100

Showing interior detail

PzKw E100

Panels in place

PzKw E100

Disassembled to show interior

Some of the detail is speculative as the original was unfinished

Medium Mark III

Constructed entirely of Photo-etched brass

Click here for an album of pictures of this model

Medium Mark III

Photoetch techniques

Building the model


WW I Mk II female

Tank, Mark II, female

C21 as seen at Arras and commanded by Lt Salter. Note Mk I sponsons. The basic vehicle is from Airfix and the tracks are from Matador models.

See also my Mk I with interior detail


Light Tank 
      Mk VIB

JB Models Light Tank Mk VI B


      Tank Mk VIC Malta camouflage

JB Models Light Tank Mk VI C
Malta camouflage


A9 Cruiser Mk I

M26 Pershing


1/72 Ace 2S1 122 mm Self-propelled Gun

1/72 Ace BMP 1A1

1/76 JB Models 1 Tonne land Rover and L118 105 mm Light Gun

1/72 Ace MT-LB

1/72 Extratech and Revell Cromwells

1/72 Modelkrak Neubaufahrzeug (NbFz)

1/76 Matador Sentinel AC1

1/72 Extratech A17 Light Tank Mk VII Tetrarch

1/72 Modelkrak T-28

1/72 Skif T-26

1/72 Hasegawa Mörser Karl

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