6 RTC in Egypt, 1933/38

Pictures © Chris Evans 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002

Medium Mk II

The following feature has been made possible by Chris Evans of Chris Evans Books who has kindly given me permission to use pictures from his private collection.

The 6th Battalion, Royal Tank Corps was formed in Egypt in 1933 from the 3rd and 5th Armoured Car Companies, RTC. These were equipped with Medium Mk II Tanks, Carden Loyd carriers, an assortment of armoured cars, of which the 1924 pattern Rolls Royce was the most popular, and a variety of other vehicles including Light Tanks Mk I on an experimental basis.

The Chris Evans photo collection contains pictures of the 6 RTC in Eqypt, and here is a selection of these photos. The Medium Mk IIs were modified by the addition of asbestos sheeting spaced from the armour by approx. 1 inch. This was an attempt at crew comfort in the face of the Egyptian heat. Also, additional air filtration was provided in an attempt to exclude the ever-present dust. The ducts may be seen at the front, left side, and rear of the vehicles.

These pictures show fairly clearly the camouflage patterns used on these vehicles. Colours were probably brown and sand.

On close inspection, the air of confusion in this picture may be seen to be due to the vehicles tracks being entangled in rather a lot of wire.

A view inside the turret


MARKINGS: The only markings to be seen on these pictures are of the form seen here on the front filter duct (6 RTC T 423)

and also the occasional squadron marking, in this case a diamond squadron marking. The motorcycle is a BSA.

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