Ace 1/72 MT-LB

Kit Review

I enjoyed building this model. Rumour has it that some of these Ace models have poorly fitting parts and require lots of filler. In my experience, so far this has not been true, and to date I have built the BMP 1A1 Öst, the 2S1 Gvozdika, and now this MT-LB. Almost no filler was necessary and the most difficult aspect turned out to be assembling some of the single link track sections. There are a number of etched brass detail parts that are excellent enhancements to this model. My vehicle is finished in Gulf War Iraqi colours the image above looks paler than the model actually is, although the original vehicle I used for colour reference was actually very faded and very rusty. There are some images of this vehicle to follow. They were taken at Bovington a few years back.

I recommend the Ace website as being worth a visit.