155 mm Self Propelled Howitzer AS90


At Bovington Tankfest 2006 & 2009



This vehicle replaces the M109 and FV433 Abbot. It was designed and built by Vickers Shipbuilding and Engineering (VSEL), at Barrow-in-Furness. The turret is a variant of the Vickers GBT 155 turret which was originally designed to fit any battle-tank chassis. This approach gives problems with ammunition re-supply, hence the current vehicle has a purpose-designed hull allowing ease of ammunition re-supply. It is fitted with fitted with an autonomous navigation and gunlaying system (AGLS) enabling automatic computerised fire control.


AS 90 Specifications

Crew 5
Length 9.07 m
Width 3.3 m
Height 3.0 m overall
Ground Clearance 0.41 m
Turret Ring Diameter 2.7 m
Armour 17mm
Calibre 155 mm
Range (39cal) 24.7 km (52cal) 30 km
Recoil Length 780 mm
Rate of Fire 3 rounds in 10secs (burst) 6 rounds per minute (intense) 2 rounds per minute (sustained)
Secondary Armament 7.62mm MG
Traverse 360°
Elevation -5/+70°
Ammunition Carried 48 x 155 mm projectiles and charges (31 turret & 17 hull)
Engine Cummins VTA903T turbo-charged V8 diesel 660 hp
Max Speed 53 kph
Gradient 60 degrees
Vertical Obstacle 0.75 m
Trench Crossing 2.8 m
Fording Depth 1.5 m
Road Range 420 km




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