FV 4030/4 Challenger 1


Pictures of Challenger 1 taken at Bovington Tankfest 2000



Challenger 1 Mk 3 at Bovington


Challenger 1 at the War and Peace Show 2004

This was actually 2003



Armament: 120 mm L11A5 rifled gun, up to 64 projectiles; 7.62 mm L8A2 machine gun, 4000 rounds; 2 x 5 barrel smoke dischargers

Main armament elevation: -10  -  +20°

Crew: 4

Weight (in action): 62,000 Kg

Hull length: 8.327 m; Overall width: 3.518m; Width over tracks: 3.42 m; Ground clearance: 0.5 m

Engine: 26.1 l Perkins Condor CV12 TCA Diesel, of up to 1,200 bhp; Fuel Capacity:1,592 l; Range (road): 400 Km; Max road speed: 56 Km/h

Challenger 1 arose from the Shir 2 design developed from the Chieftain for Iran. With the fall of the Shah of Iran and the cancellation of the MBT-80 programme, Britain picked up the Shir development, and the Challenger 1 was born. Challenger 1 represents a significant improvement over Chieftain, with the introduction of Chobham composite armour, an improved power pack and upgraded optical sights, later replaced by TOGS (Thermal Observation and Gunnery Sight), a system that was to prove itself in the Gulf War, enabling targets to be engaged at night at ranges of up to 3,000 m.



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