Partial List of FV Numbers

Here is a partial list of post WW II British vehicle FV numbers (tracked vehicles only). Links in Bold are to my own pages.




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FV101 Scorpion

1st production prototype 1969. 1st service 1973

Withdrawn from British Army use in 1992

CVR(T) Light tank with 76mm gun

Vehicles at Bovington and Beltring

Kiwis in Armour NZ Army Scorpions

Replaced by Sabre using Fox turret and 30 mm L21A2 Rarden gun (similar to FV107 Scimitar, but with 7.62 mm L94A1 coaxial chain gun)

FV102 Striker 1976 CVR(T) with 5 Swingfire missile launchers. Pictures
FV103 Spartan 1978 CVR(T) APC
FV104 Samaritan   CVR(T) ambulance
FV105 Sultan   CVR(T) Armoured command vehicle
FV106 Samson 1979


REME Museum

FV107 Scimitar 1973-74 CVR(T) Light tank with 30mm Rarden Cannon
FV108 Streaker   CVR(T) high mobility carrier with a number of variants, such as cargo carrier, fire fighter, refueller, Blowpipe/Milan carrier.
FV109 Workhorse   CVR(T) replacement for FV432
FV120 Spartan with Milan compact turret    
FV180 Combat Engineering Tractor   Chris Shillito's Armour in Focus
FV201  "Universal Tank" 1949 (prototype only)

(A45) 17pdr gun (later 20pdr)

see Armour in Focus: Conqueror for the development history of the FV200 series of vehicles

FV202 AVRE(T)   FV201 variant (projected). With Centurion type turret mounting a demolition gun. Intended to tow an AVRE trailer. Cancelled in favour of FV215A.
FV203 AVRE(L)   FV201 variant (projected). To carry assault bridge. Cancelled in favour of FV215A.
FV204 Universal flail   FV201 variant (projected)
FV205 SP Medium AT   FV201 variant (projected). Cancelled April 1949
FV206 SP Medium Artillery   FV201 variant (projected)
FV207 SP Heavy Artillery   FV201 variant (projected). 152mm main armament
FV208 Universal Bridgelayer   FV201 variant (projected). Bridge design used in FV4002
FV209 Universal ARV   FV201 variant (projected)
FV210 Heavy Artillery Tractor   FV201 variant (projected)
FV211 Medium Artillery Tractor   FV201 variant (projected)
FV212 Assault Personnel Carrier   FV201 variant (projected)
FV213 BARV   FV201 variant (projected). Listed in Armour in Focus: Conqueror as SP Medium Artillery
FV214 Conqueror Heavy Tank 1955 - 1966

The Conqueror was the British Army's heaviest tank and was built on the FV201 chassis. It carried 120 mm main armament.

FV215a Heavy AVRE   FV201 variant (projected) fitted with mine roller
FV215b Heavy AT   FV201 variant (projected). Heavy Gun Tank No. 2.
FV216 Mine Flail   FV201 variant (projected). Royal Engineers. Intended as replacement for FV204
FV217 SP 120 Medium AT   FV201 variant (projected)
FV219 ARV Mk I   FV201 variant . Eight completed. Superseded by FV222.
FV221 Caernarvon   Medium gun tank. FV201 variant.
FV222 Conqueror ARV Mk II 1960

The Conqueror ARV Mk II was one of the British Army's most powerful armoured recovery vehicles

REME Museum
FV223 ARK   FV201 variant (projected)
FV300   1947 (initial concept) FV300 series intended as a range of light vehicles analagous to FV3800 series
FV301 Light Tank   on FV300 chassis based on A46
FV302 Command Post   on FV300 chassis
FV304 25pdr SP Gun   on FV300 chassis
FV305 5.5" SP Gun   on FV300 chassis
FV309 Ammunition vehicle   on FV300 chassis
FV400 17.6 ton tank with 77mm gun    
FV401     Cambridge series of carriers
FV402     Tank
FV420 Carrier    
FV421 Cargo Carrier   Torsion bar suspension development from wartime carriers. FV432 predecessor.
FV422 Personnel Carrier    
FV423 5 ton Carrier    Command vehicle
FV424 Carrier   Royal Engineers
FV425 Carrier   REME
FV426 Carrier Tracked Launcher, Orange William    HESH AT missile
FV431 Load Carrier   Prototype only
FV432 Trojan Production started 1962, ceased 1971.

Basic vehicle

Turretted versions

REME Museum

FV433 Abbot 1965 105mm SP gun on FV432 chassis
FV434 Carrier, Maintenance, Full Tracked  

Engineering version of FV432

REME Museum

FV435     Electrical test vehicle/minelayer (conflicting information)
FV436     FV432 variant fitted with Green Archer mortar locating radar. Replaced by Cymbeline.
FV437  Pathfinder   River crossing recovery vehicle based on FV432 with snorkel gear. Number used twice for similar vehicles: FV430 and FV432 series respectively
FV438     FV432 variant mounting Swingfire missiles
FV439     Signals version of FV432. Number used previously.
FV510 Warrior Selected 1980, 1st production 1986

Mechanised Combat Vehicle (MCV). Several variants - see this link for - Warrior Section Vehicle

FV511 Warrior Infantry Command Vehicle    
FV512 Warrior Repair Vehicle    
FV513 Warrior Recovery Vehicle    
FV514 Warrior Observation Post Vehicle    
FV515 Warrior Battery Command Vehicle    
FV2721a Trailer - Centurion AVRE    
FV3801 Gun Tractor   Centurion components
FV3802 25pdr SP Artillery Field Equipments   Centurion components
FV3803 Command Post Vehicle    Centurion components
FV3804 Ammunition Vehicle   Centurion components
FV3805 5.5inch SP guns 1956 Two prototypes. Cancelled 1960 in favour of FV433. Centurion components
FV3806 7.2inch SP Gun   Centurion components
FV3807 120mm SP AT Gun   Mock up only. Centurion components
FV3808 SP Mounting, Medium   Mock up only. Centurion components
FV3809 155mm SP AT Gun   Mock up only. Centurion components
FV3901 Churchill Linked ARK    
FV3902 Churchill VII Flail    
FV3903 Churchill VII AVRE   Tank Infantry Dozer
FV3904 Churchill VII APC    
FV4001 Centurion mineclearer    
FV4002 Centurion  Mk 5 Bridgelayer    
FV4003 Centurion Mk 5 AVRE 165

Designed 1955.
Prototype 1957
In service 1963

Centurion AVRE 165
FV4004 Conway   FV4004 Conway and FV4005
FV4005  Heavy SP AT Gun  

Stage 1 with 183mm gun in limited traverse mounting, no turret.

Stage 2 with 183mm gun in lightly armoured turret FV4004 Conway and FV4005

FV4006 Centurion ARV Mk 2 In service 1956

FV4006 Centurion ARV Mk 2

Armour in Focus 

REME Museum

FV4007 Centurion Mk 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8/1, 8/2   Centurion
FV4008 Centurion DD    
FV4009 Tank, Medium    
FV4010 Tank Destroyer, Medium    Malkara missile vehicle on Centurion chassis
FV4011 Centurion Mk 5   Centurion
FV4012 Centurion Mk 7/1, 7/2   Centurion
FV4013 Centurion Mk 3 ARV    
FV4014 Tank, Medium    
FV4015 Centurion Mk 9   Centurion
FV4016 Centurion ARK   Bridgelayer
FV4017 Centurion Mk 10   Centurion
FV4018 Centurion BARV First production model 1960, followed by 12 more delivered 1963 Centurion Beach Armoured Recovery Vehicle (BARV) replaced the wartime Sherman BARV
FV4019 Centurion Mk 5 Bulldozer   Centurion
FV4030 Shir series   Designed for Iran. Challenger predecessors
FV4030/2 Shir 1 120mm MBT Ordered by Iran in 1974, delivered to Jordan in 1981 Chieftain based Challenger predecessor originally intended for Iran. Renamed Khalid for supply to Jordan
FV4030/3 Shir 2   Challenger 1 predecessor



Challenger 1 1980

Challenger 1

Army Technology: Challenger 2

REME Museum: Challenger ARRV

FV4101 Cromwell Heavy AT Gun   Charioteer
FV4201 Chieftain 1963  
FV4202 "40 ton Centurion" 1956 105mm gun Chieftain predecessor based on Centurion Mk 7, shortened chassis with 5 roadwheels
FV4203 Chieftain AVRE   Replacement for Centurion AVRE
FV4204 Chieftain ARV Mk 5 and ARRV Prototype 1971, in service 1976 Chieftain Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle
FV4205 AVLB 1974 Chieftain Bridgelayer.
FV4207 Centurion Mk 9 VHF    

Chobham-armoured experimental tank utilising Chieftain Mk 5 automotive and gun-control components on an aluminium hull structure. Vehicle number 04SP28. Thanks to Neil Boston for info.

A turret from this programme is in the reserve collection at Bovington, matched to a hull used in the MBT 80 programe.

FV4333 CVR(T) Stormer






Armoured carrier on extended and widened CVR(T) chassis, developed from the FV433 specification. Stormer Variants include:

Shielder Mine layer

Stormer Cargo Carrier

Stormer Starstreak HVM AA

Stormer 30, turreted vehicle with 30 mm cannon and TOW

FV4401 Contentious   British S-Tank equivalent. 3 prototypes, all same FV number.
FV4501     Armoured mine clearer
FV4601 MBT-80  

Three experimental vehicles built.

There is a mismatched hull and turret in the reserve collection at Bovington. There is also the WSD (Weapons System Demonstrater) mounted on the FV4030 hull. Thanks to Tom Forbes and Neil Boston for info.

FV11021 BV202E Articulated Sno-Cat   The FV number is somewhat debatable, but was quoted in some UK army documentation seen by myself. This vehicle is one of a line of snow and all-terrain vehicles used by British forces


Many thanks to Chris Evans Neil Boston and Clive Elliott for assistance with this list

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