British Post WW II AFVs without FV Numbers





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AS90   1992 155 mm Self Propelled Howitzer AS90
Aktiv ST4 Snow-Trac 1970 - 1980 See All Terrain Vehicles
Bv202E   1960s General purpose over snow vehicle. See All Terrain Vehicles
Bv206, Bv206S   1981 All terrain vehicle. See All Terrain Vehicles
BVS10 Viking 2003 Amphibious, armoured all-terrain vehicle. See All Terrain Vehicles
  Centaur 1978 Half track Land Rover
  Challenger 2   Challenger 2.
Falcon 1976 Experimental AA vehicle based upon FV433 Abbot. Prototype only.
Challenger CR ARRV Rhino   Rhino is based on Challenger 1
Challenger Training Tank/ Driver Training Tank CTT/DTT   Challenger training vehicles
Challenger 2 AVRE Trojan 2006 Trojan AVRE
Challenger 2 AVLB Titan 2006 Titan AVLB
Chieftain Concept Test Rig "Jagd Chieftain" 1972 Chieftain concept vehicle. Anglo-German project to produce a new Main Battle Tank in 1972
Chieftain 800 (/900) Chieftain 800 (/900) 1980-86 Chieftain 800: Based on Chieftain Mk5/P with 800hp version of the Condor CV12 engine. The Chieftain 900 had a 900hp version and mocked-up Chobham armour turret
Sabre After 1992 withdrawal of FV101 CVR(T) replacement for FV101 Scorpion using a 30 mm L21A2 Rarden gun (similar to FV107 Scimitar, but with 7.62 mm L94A1 coaxial chain gun).
  Scorpion 90   Upgunned Scorpion with 90 mm main armament (export model, not in British Army use)
  Shielder 1999 Minelayer on extended CVR(T) chassis. Stormer Variants
  Stormer Cargo Carrier   Extended CVR(T) chassis. Stormer Variants
  Stormer Starstreak AA   Extended CVR(T) chassis. Stormer Variants

post war ~1960

US 155 mm SP M40 in British Service
M107   1965/66 M107 US 175 mm Self Propelled Gun in British Service
M109   1965 155 mm self-propelled howtzer. Upgraded to M109A2 in British Service
M110   1965 M110A2 US 8 inch SP gun in British service
M752 Lance SPL 1976 Lance Missile Self Propelled Launcher

 - 1925
(pre-GS 'A' number designations)

1925 - 1945 non-a numbered (named only) vehicles

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 A-Number List 1925-1945 

Post 1945 FV Numbers

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