1/72 T-26 Model 1939 from Skif

Kit Review

This is a very nice little kit with one or two especially nice touches. It is principally of injection moulded polystyrene with etched brass detail parts. I particularly liked the etched brass mudguards. They certainly give a much better appearance than over-thick injection mouldings. I found the etched brass tow hook loops to be a bit too fine and remade them in wire, which has a chunkier appearance and looks more business-like. The various etched fittings on the rear-plate are just right, however. I was disappointed with the track, which as supplied is in the form of seamless vinyl bands with very little surface detail and instead of proper track guides has a continuous ridge on the inner surface. I fabricated my own tracks using embossed heavy aluminium foil from Chinese takeaway containers. This material is getting in short supply - itís a pity so many takeaways are going over to plastic microwave boxes, although these also have their uses.

A frame aerial is provided in etched brass, but I decided not to fit this Ė it didnít look quite right to me in that being etched sheet the aerial element was rectangular in section. I think if I wanted to make a command vehicle I would use the mountings provided, but fabricate my own aerial from round section wire, as I did for my T-28.

I recommend this kit, with the reservation that it needs replacement track.