FV510, Warrior

Mechanised Combat Vehicle (MCV)

FV510 Warrior Mechanised Combat Vehicle is used by the British Army's armoured infantry battalions. Originally known as MCV-80 the production vehicle was first introduced in 1986. The vehicle seen here is known as the Warrior Section Vehicle. There are a number of other variants, including Command Vehicles, Missile Vehicles, Mechanised Artillery Observation Vehicle (MAOV), Mortar Vehicle, Repair and Recovery Vehicle and Combat Repair Vehicle.

Warrior at Tankfest 2002
Warrior at Tankfest 2002
Warrior at Tankfest 2002
Warrior at Tankfest 2002

Warrior at Bovington Tankfest 2002


Armament: 30 mm L21A2 Rarden Cannon, Coaxial L94A1 7.62 mm Chain gun, 2 x 4 barrel smoke dischargers.

Weight (in action): 24,500 kg

Length: 6.34 m; Height: 2.791 m; Width: 3.034 m

Crew: 3 + 7 infantry

Max road speed: 75 km/h; Range(road): 660 km

Engine: Perkins CV8 TCA V-8 diesel, 550 hp

Fuel capacity: 770 l



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