A11, Infantry Tank Mark I, Matilda I


Delivered to the army for trials in 1936, the Matilda I was heavily armoured, but lightly armed, with little chance of being up-gunned, owing to the small turret ring. It was almost immune to German anti-tank guns and equipped the  1st Tank Brigade in France 1940. A total of 140 vehicles were manufactured, production ceasing in 1940.


Designation: Tank, Infantry, Mk 1, Matilda I (A11)
Crew: 2 (commander-gunner, driver)
Battle weight: 24,6401b
Length 15ft 1 in
Track width 11 in
Height 6ft 1 in
Track centres/tread 6ft 4in
Width 7ft 6in
Armament: Main: I x .5 cal Vickers MG or 1 x .303 cal Vickers MG
Secondary: -
Armour thickness:
Maximum 60mm
Minimum 10mm
Traverse: 3600. Elevation limits: --
Engine: Ford V8 70hp
Maximum speed: 8mph
Maximum cross-country speed: 56mph
Suspension type: Box bogie and leaf spring
Road radius: 80 miles
Fording depth: 3ft (short distance only)
Vertical obstacle: 2ft lin
Trench crossing: lft
Ammunition stowage: 4,000 rounds  


WW1 - 1925
(pre-GS 'A' number designations)


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