M752 Lance Self Propelled Missile Launcher

Final firing, 1992

Nearly the last firing, May 1992, Benbecula, Outer Hebrides

This was the first time three had been fired simultaneously


The M752 Lance Self Propelled Missile Launcher (SPL) is based upon the US M113 personnel carrier and has the same suspension and power train. Lance came into British service in 1976, equipping the 50th Missile Regiment, Royal Artillery and replacing Honest John. Lance was finally withdrawn from service in 1992.

The support Loader Transporter (LT), M688, is of similar design and carries two missiles with dismounted fins. This one is in US service:

The missile itself carries a warhead of approx. 211 Kg. Only nuclear warheads were used in British service.

British Army Lance

Lance in US Service

Fitting the fins

Lance in US Service

Lance in US Service

Thanks to Dave and Alan of the Horsham Royal Artillery Association for providing information and pictures.

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