M109A2 in the British Army

The US short-barelled M109 Self propelled howitzer entered British service in 1965 and was subsequently up-gunned to the long barelled version, M109A1 and later M109A2. The pictures on this page were taken at Larkhill in 1984. M109 has been replaced by AS90 and the vehicles were all sold to the Austrian Army.


Armament: 155 mm M185 Howitzer; 7.62 mm L4A4 MG
Crew: 6 + 2
Max Road Speed: 56 km/h
Engine: GMC Model 8V71T Diesel, 405 bhp
Range: 360 - 390 km




WW1 - 1925
(pre-GS 'A' number designations)

1925 - 1945 non-a numbered (named only) vehicles

General Staff A-Number List 1925-1945 

Post 1945 FV Numbers

Post WW2 vehicle with no FV number

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