155 mm SP M40 in British Service


Photo: Tony Walters


The US 155 mm Gun Motor Carriage M40 was built on an enlarged M4A3 chassis. A small batch of M40s was delivered to Britain in post-war years and in British service this vehicle was designated "155mm SP, M40". They remained in service until about 1960.

Photo: Tony Walters

Photo: Graham Matthews


Crew : 8 (commander, driver, gun-crew (6))
Battle weight: 80,0201b
Dimensions: Length 20ft Tin Track width 23in (29ft 9in over gun)
Height 8ft 9.5 in; Track centres/tread 8ft 4.75 in Width 10ft 4in
Armament: Main: 1 x 155mm gun M2
Secondary: -
Armour thickness: Maximum 12mm
Minimum 12mm
Traverse: 18° right and 18° left. Elevation limits: +45° to -5° Engine: Continental R-975 radial
Maximum speed: 24mph
Maximum cross-country speed: 5-20mph
Road radius: 107 miles
Fording depth : 3ft
Vertical obstacle: 2ft 10in
Trench crossing: 7ft 8.5in
Ammunition stowage: 20 rounds 155mm

Sometimes known (unofficially) as "Long Tom".




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